Mechanized hydro-insulation with polyurethane membranes

Hydro-insulations based on polyurethane resin are revolutionary systems through which the surfaces are sealed (monolithic layer) and applied by mechanical spraying.



Kitchens and restaurants (antifungal protection)

Verandas and balconies


Foundations and basements

Ponds for fish growth

Drinking water basins, fountains

Boats, catamarans, yachts


Dams and hydrological systems

Tanks, mud gutters and separators

Channels, silos, tunnels and ditches

Tanks and pipes for aggressive liquids

Pumping stations

Parking and protection of storeys

Bridges and viaducts


Pre-insulated surface with polyurethane foam

Sports and leisure halls

Perfect hydro insulator

Non-heat sealing membrane (monolithic layer)

Trafficable (wear-resistant)

Easy access to a wide range of surfaces: concrete, mortar, ceramic, steel, brick, fibre cement, mosaic, tile, acrylic surfaces, asphalt, corroded metal, wood etc.

Ideally covers cracks, is completely smooth, homogeneous

Thermal, frost and heat resistant: -40 ° C to + 180 ° C

Provides protection against frost, carbon dioxide and acid rain

Resistant to UV rays, does not turn yellow over time

Mechanized application with innovative Graco® equipment under 400 bar pressure

25-year exploitation period

Quick execution terms – up to 1000 m² / day

Quick drying, when interacting with air humidity

Optimal price-quality

Breathing, 1 m² releases 11% humidity / hour from the inside to the outside

Mechanized thermal insulation with rigid polyurethane foam

Mechanized thermal insulations with rigid polyurethane foam are efficient methods whereby surfaces are quickly insulated with mechanized (non-manual) equipment and ecological materials that prevent heat loss, thus saving energy consumption.




Basements, semi-basements

Flat or inclined roofs (blocks, halls)


Industrial halls

Agro-zootechnical farms

Sandwich panels


Refrigerators for keeping fruits and vegetables

Industrial tanks

Sports and leisure halls

Cereal stores

This thermal insulation system achieves savings of 40% on energy

The thermo-insulated surface may be plastered or coated with Rigips

The best thermal insulation coefficient of 0.022 W / m²K

25-year exploitation period

Mechanized application with innovative Graco® equipment under 400 bar pressure

Prevents heat loss

Best soundproofing material

Used for new buildings and for the rehabilitation of old buildings

Low weight, the building structure is not overloaded

Can be applied both indoors and outdoors

Fireproof (Non-flammable Reaction to Fire EuroClasse E)

Trafficable (can be used on floors)

Rapid execution times – up to 500 m² / day

High variety of material densities from 8-1100 kg / m³


Prevents rodents from penetrating (suitable for grain storage)

The applied material is water based

Indoor and outdoor paintings

Mechanized surface painting via airless method is an innovative technique. It enables: painting a wide range of surfaces, materials saving, perfect high quality painting and guaranteed durability.

Apartments and living spaces

Schools, kindergartens


External walls

Fences and other exterior constructions

Kitchens and restaurants

Verandas and balconies

Metal structures


Foundations and basements


Dams and hydrological systems


Bridges and viaducts

Sports and leisure halls

Fast execution terms up to 2000 m² / day

High quality compared to the classic painting method

Promotional price for materials

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ZUGRO means quality and trust. From efficacy and technological advantage, to respect and services of the highest level. The bison represents power, health and abundance. It is the creature that embodies calm, but also determination, dedication to family and protection.
Agility and vigour are also qualities that describe the bison. Namely for these reasons, the bison was chosen as a symbol of the brand.

We offer a warranty of up to 25 years.
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The advantages of mechanized works

  • Increased quality compared to other machines fulfilling the same functions

  • Fast execution terms

  • Ability to perform hard-to-reach works (bridges, corners and attics)

  • Time and material savings

  • Most of the works can be executed with a small number of workers (2-3 persons)


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